Friday, March 30, 2007

I am NOT 21 anymore

I am, er, huh, well 31 now!!! Not feeling so hot this AM. Drank too much wine last night while watching one of the oddest movies I've seen in awhile. We watched this, and yes it was odd, but it wasn't bad. It was funny at times and Annette Benning did a pretty good job playing a loony.
We have a grown-ups only night out tonight. Gee, that sounds like we are headed to a swingers party or something. That we are not! We are going out to dinner just Tom and I to have a quiet celebration for him finishing graduate school and then we are meeting his class at a bar to have a bigger celebration. I know he won't like me saying this, but I am so proud of him. And I am so lucky to call him my husband and my best friend. He is smart, funny, giving, loving and he makes me happy. The kids are blessed to have him, and he is a great Daddy. Okay, now that he is pissed that I said those things, I am done raving about him. I love you honey, and I am so proud.....
We are also going to get some stuff tonight for the "Easter Bunny" to leave for the kids. I love Easter! We don't do much candy in their baskets, but instead a toy, a book, maybe an outfit or pj's and then a chocolate bunny and a handful of jelly beans.
Saturday Chloe has her first soccer game of the season and Tom is doing some work on the house. They are going to start drywall on Monday! Whooyoo!!!!! I SO want the house to be done! Then Saturday night we are going to friends house for pizza, beer and the Buckeyes! It should be fun. I know this post is all over the place, but it is Friday and remember I am suffering from a sulfates or tannins headache. Whichever of those two causes wine headaches. I can't remember which one it is. Have a good weekend people. Peace!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sisterly Love

I am beginning to see a new relationship blossom from my girls. Yes, they still fight and pester each other. But when they don't think I am watching I see them really take care of each other and love each other. They laugh, they hold hands, they play, they giggle, they get sad when the other gets punished. They have an incredible bond. I knew when we were going to have another baby after Chloe that I wanted her to have a sister. I wanted them to have each other for their whole lives, when Tom and I may not be here anymore. I look forward to the times and moments and secrets they will share as they get older. They are so lucky to have each other to lean on, to ask questions, to protect each other, to cry to and to talk with. I hope they will be the best of friends forever.........
"You can't think how I depend on you, and when your not there the color goes out of my life."
-Virginia Woolf--- to her sister
Day three of Spring Break was another winner. We did have some rain so we spent the day at the mall. We did some spring clothes shopping, had some lunch and enjoyed the stroll. They were all wonderfully behaved which is a shock considering Nolan loathes to shop and the stroller. But he must have been feelin' sympathetic to his ol' mamma and took it easy on me today. We have a great weekend planned. More to come later.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Break Day 2

Spring Break Day 2 in pictures..........

Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

SPC Last one for March

Me and my children; three in one.......
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Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Break Week Day #1

So far, so good. I was really not looking forward to both the girls being home during this week because of the constant fighting and arguing that they do. But to my surprise they have been playing well together and we even ventured out to the grocery together. It is a beautimas day here. Sunny, breezy 80 degrees. My perfect weather!! We are outside soaking it in now as the rain comes in tonight. That's probably when the girls will begin tormenting each other again and I will begin pulling my hair out!! Thank God it is during the summer that they have 3 months off so they can be outside all the time and fall dead asleep at night. Man, I love summer!!!!! I will continue tomorrow about our Spring Break week. Oh, by the way... GO BUCKS!!
On Birds:
Chloe: "What is that sound outside?"
Me: "It sounds like it is the fountain and maybe a woodpecker."
Janey: "I've never seen a pecker before!"
Good! Let's keep it that way for awhile!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Holy Mother Mary and Oden??

Did you see it? I have to confess, I did not!! At half time when they were down by like 14 or so points I went to bed. I don't enjoy watching games when I think they are bound to lose. This morning when I got up, I said to my mom, "So the Bucks lost." And then she tells me that they won by ONE POINT!! Holy Crap, what a comeback!! Matta must have had some incredibly inspiring words for them in the locker rooom. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during that speech. I bet it would make anybody feel like they could accomplish anything!
I was thinking today while I was driving that I feel sorry for those people who aren't Buckeyes! What a great school and athletic program to support. There is so much pride that goes into being a Buckeye that it gives me goosebumps to think about or write about. I ALWAYS get the goosebumps and I even tear up when I hear the band play the Fight Song. ( I sure hope it played for you all to enjoy!) Didn't you get the chills!!!! If you didn't you aren't human!
I didn't know if we were doing much this weekend, but now I know that my butt will be planted on the couch Saturday at 4pm with a yummy Sierra Nevada in hand!!! Have a great weekend all and GO BUCKS!!!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Drum Roll Please........


Here is our house!!!! There are some bare places up by the attic windows and around the porch pilars because those two parts aren't sided but they will have matching shake shingles. I am so anxious to get into our house. I have already begun decorating in my head! April is just around the corner!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Liar, liar pants on fire!

Okay, I am a terrible mother. I have started telling lies to my children so they will behave better. We, or really just me; have been telling the girls that every time they lie or fail to tell the truth, their nose will grow. Only a tiny bit, but the more they tell the bigger it gets. And it will shrink back if they go a long period of time without telling a fib. Also, I have been misinforming them that if they do not listen to their Daddy and Mommy, their ears will grow. I know, I know I am terrible! But you want to know something?!? IT IS WORKING!!!!!!! We have been having potty issues with Janey and her just not wanting to go. So now, whenever she feels like she has to go potty, she runs up to me and says,"Mommy, is my nose growing?" To which I reply, "Do you have to potty?, because it is growing a little bit." And off she runs to the bathroom. Why, oh why did I not think of the ridiculously simple solution before? Now, if I can just get Nolan to understand what I am saying!
In other news, we have siding on our house! I am so flippin' excited! And they have begun the process to pour our basement. They work so backwards to me. But what the hell do I know about building a house?! I am so glad we picked the color that we did for the siding. It is like a sageish gray with white trim. (I will post pics tomorrow) I was afraid that we wouldn't like the color once it went up on the house. I am actually afraid that we won't like other color choices that we made either. It is so hard to pick a color from a 12 inch square that will cover an entire two-story house, or the floor of all the rooms. Yes, that little square looks quite pretty, but what will it look like when you see a much larger scale of it? Fortunately, we are liking this first choice .
This is the second to last night of class for Tom!! Next week is his last week, and he just completed his last paper..... FOREVER!!!!!!! I am so excited and proud of him. I can't imagine doing the work he has done for this MBA, plus a full-time job, plus 3 kids, plus moving, plus building a house, plus, plus, plus=stress, stress, stress!!!!!! But he is done, with like a 3.7 GPA or close to that, something I never saw in college!! Hope everyone is having a warm and sunny and happy week!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

SPC What we are......

I believe that whenever we cross paths with someone, we take a little bit of them with us. The good and the bad. We are a product of our enviroment and surroundings. We are made up of many feelings, thoughts and emotions. We are individuals but all connected to one another.
(click on the picture to enlarge it and see all the pictures "I" am made with)
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Monday, March 19, 2007

let's move on people

i know i am a little late with this, but what is the fascination with famous people and their lives? if i have to hear another report or news program about Anna Nicole i think my head may explode! yes, it is a tragedy that she died and yes i feel bad for that poor baby of hers, but enough already!!! here is my take on things; howard k. stern made sure that her son overdosed on whatever drugs he was into and then soon after married her in a committment ceremony so it "looked" like they were a couple and it was his baby (plus i think he had her totally f*d up on drugs ALL the time so she didn't know her ass from a hole in the ground) and then murdered her, thinking that all of her money would come rolling his way because he would obviously get custody of the baby. moving on, who cares what britney spears drinks in rehab? in the paper this morning it said, "britney spears drinks 24 cans of coke a day while in rehab, no wonder she is the 'pop' princess" who gives a flying *bleep*! at least she is staying in rehab and getting help. (another two little kids that i feel sorry for) these so called reporters have to make life so shitty for people in the limelight. you can't be too fat (like a size 8!!) because then your are just nasty and constantly called 'full-figured' and you can't be too thin because you are ostracized and most likely a druggie. forget every having a relationship, because if God forbids it doesn't work out, you will be on the cover of US weekly and so will the stripper that caused the split. of all the wishes i could think of if a genie appeared and would grant me three, NEVER would 'being famous' cross these lips of mine. i don't have thick enough skin.
*tomorrows bitch session; "American Idol" One gigantic popularity contest and how it strips hopefuls of any talent and completely takes away creativeness from the music world!! in my opinion of course.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Relaxation Techniques courtesy of Chloe

(the scene: getting ready for bed)
Chloe: "Look Mommy, I can do yoda!"
Happy St. Patty's Day to all.
May the Luck O' The Irish be with you today!

Friday, March 16, 2007


I am making a list of all things that I am grateful for today. I have seen other bloggers do this and I think it is a great way to keep perspective.
  • kisses from my little man
  • Cadbury Dark chocolate eggs
  • foot rubs from my hubby
  • Yellow Tale Reserve Shiraz
  • seeing the trees budding
  • large nonfat lattes(w/cinnamon) YUM!
  • hugs from my Janey girl
  • walking through Target for two hours today while Janey was at school
  • seeing the flowers start to bloom
  • the sun on my face
  • my new sunglasses
  • listening to Chloe read to me
  • the library and the way it smells
  • the spring air
  • seeing the springy Easter colors in the store
  • movie night tonight!!

On a side note: I would LOVE any reading recommendations from those of you that peer into my little corner of the world. I want some enlightening reading that leaves me wanting more. Have a relaxing and cozy weekend!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sweet Jane, Sweet Sweet Jane

Today is all about my girl Janey. She and I spent some time outside yesterday afternoon for some nature, fresh air and some lovely picture taking. Let me to you a little about Jane. She is the most stubborn child I have ever met! One of the major personality traits that i love about her. Yes, she pushes my buttons and she frustrates me, but I know that one day her stubbornness will serve her well.

She can be hysterically funny. She gets this little goofy thing about her that will make you go from being upset with her to smiling and laughing. She is so curious about everything, especially nature and bugs . She is not your typical girl. She does love her doll babies and Polly Pockets, but she can't resist a good mud puddle or an ant hill to observe for hours.

She loves to cook. Or more so, the idea of cooking. When I prepare her lunch for her, she has to concoct it into something very different from the PB&J and carrots. She also loves birthdays(it doesn't matter whose). Her and I often sing "Happy Birthday" in front of a cake she has made complete with candles from said PB&J and carrots. She loves, loves, loves to watch Food TV with me, especially Giada and Paula.

She goes by many nicknames i.e. Janey-Do, skeeter, skipper(she insists on skipping wherever we go instead of walking) scamper and my favorite Mini-Me. She is a spitting image of me when I was a little girl. Plus, it is most likely my fault she has the fore mentioned stubbornness. I love her to pieces. She loves her brother and sister. She fights with them and Mother Hens Nolan, but she truly loves them and she shows them that everyday. I can't wait to see what she becomes as she grows and matures. I do know that she will be great at whatever she chooses to do. She is my daughter. I am so utterly blessed

While watching Giada today at "rest" time.

Janey: What is she cookin' Mommy.

Me: I think it is a pork roast in a yummy looking wine sauce.

(Giada then begins to chop dried figs to add to the simmering sauce)

Janey: Eewww! Is that poop?!

Me:(hahahahahahahah)No baby, they are figs. kinda like big raisins.

Janey: Well it looks like she is chopping poop.

Me: Yes babe, it does kinda look like poop.

Note to self : *Never argue with this child*

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Welcome to Parenting 101

Do any of you remember 1st grade? What did you learn? What did you do? Well I don't remember everything, but I do remember some things. Like I remember a little boy named Clay and I used to play Star Wars during recess. I, of course was Princess Lea (buns and all) and he was Luke Skywalker and we did a fantabulous rendition of our version of the movie. I also got my ears pierced in 1st grade. I was beginning to read simple books and learning the correct way to form my letters and even spell simple words. We were learning basic addition, but nothing too much into double digit solutions. Why this subject matter you ask? Let me enlighten you all as to what 1st graders do in the year 2007. Chloe is now reading books that have a few paragraphs on each page, she is writing multi-syllable words and forming her writing into sentences and even pages. She is doing adding and subtracting into the double digits, greater than and less than sums, WORD problems and the real kicker came tonight........FRACTIONS!!!! What the hell is up with that?!?! I knew when she was going into 1st grade that things were tougher and a bit more 'survival of the fittest' than when I was her age, but come on! FRACTIONS! Maybe I am just living in the dark and this is a common thing with 6 and 7 year olds now, but I was a little surprised when that came out of her homework folder tonight. On the subject of homework, the poor kid(on a nightly basis) has a word page that she has to write different words that are listed, math homework handouts, a book to read, plus questions to answer about the book, and now poetry homework. EVERY NIGHT!! I don't think I did that much homework in High School. College maybe. Man, she better get into a top rated college! For all of you who's kiddos are just young toddlers or preschoolers, this is what you have to look forward to. I am assuming by the time Nolan is in 1st grade he will be bringing home the Periodic table and Macbeth. I better start brushing up on my Shakespeare now. Now where did I last store those Cliff notes?
On a happier note, today was a BEAUT!!!!!! I think it got up to almost 80 today. It was so nice. I love that first sunbeam of spring on my face. In all it's warm and golden goodness. It warms me through to my soul. And after a cold and frigid winter, it is long overdue. I know, I know, it is going to get cold again, but today was enough to carry me through a few more days of cold and drab. I hope you all had some sunshine in your day and you were able to go and run through its rays!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SPC Offtype

I haven't participated in a Self Portrait Challenge in awhile, so I thought I would give it a shot for a "be creative" challenge.

I am wanting to change myself in many ways, but one way in particular is to be more happy and less angry, more calm, peaceful, patient, reflective and not so quick to lose my patience. This picture represents how I am feeling about myself lately....mad and pissed-off. I am going to change that.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Monday

I just have to say that it is 55 degrees right now, and tomorrow it is going to be 70!!! Hallelujah! Spring has Sprung!! Unfortunately, not for long. Son of a...... !!!!! We took the kiddos to an awesome playground yesterday and they also rode their bikes and scooters on the path nearby. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Then they begged us to go out again after dinner, and with it still being warm and light out, how could we not oblige!!! Come on nice weather for good!
Our trip to Pitt was quite an adventure. Being newbies to shop at an Ikea, I felt as though I was going to an amusement park. The parking lot was huge and there were flags everywhere waving in the wind crying out, "Ikea, Ikea, Ikea!" Then we actually entered the store with mobs of people. I think Tom and I touched almost everything in the place because we could not believe how cheap the stuff was. I think we were both thinking as soon as we touched it or shook the furniture they would just fall apart into heaps of particle board. Not so! We ended up with a bed for us, a dresser, 2 nightstands, drawer units for our walk-in closet, a dresser for Nolan, a mirror, sheets, curtains, a down comforter and some other odds and ends for a mere $875!!! Holy crap! Can that be possible? I just hope between the two of us we can manage to put it all together! I will be shopping from them again, but not until the one that they are building closer to us is finished next spring.
Moving on to Janey. Things seem to be fine with her. The Dr said that based on preliminary readings of the x-ray it doesn't appear to be reflux. That is great, because now we won't have to have her on low dose antibiotics until she is 5 or 6. I don't like antibiotics and only want the kids to take them if it is absolutely necessary. My poor baby had to endure a catheter, which was awful for her. But stickers and a Graeter's ice cream cone made it all better. My brave, brave big girl. I am very proud of her.
For those of you that asked, the Tooth Fairy brought Chloe $1 each for her bottom teeth that she lost, but she must have felt generous for that first front top tooth, because that generated $2 whole dollars under her pillow!! Talk about inflation! I think the most I ever got was 50 cents!!

*edited to add.* Janey's ped just called and said although there were no signs of reflux, there seemed to be some calcification of her right kidney, and we have to take her back to Children's in a month for another ultrasound on her kidneys. I have no idea what calcification is. Off to search it on WebMD......

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Toothless and nothin much Thursday

Chloe has lost one of her upper front teeth. It happened a week or so ago, but again, me being lazy with the camera has just shot a picture of it. She is growing up so fast, and I love that little space in the front of her mouth. The Tooth Fairy was very good to her and Chloe was very much delighted! We are anxiously awaiting the other to loosen up and fall out.

Today we received the first of our movies through the Blockbuster thing like netflix. Let me just say, that it is another thing that I could become hooked on. I do feel like a lazy piece of you-know-what, getting rented movies shipped to our home, But come on, it is frickin' genius!! Wish I would have thought of the concept!!!! So tonight after ballet and dinner and homework, Tom and I are relaxing to a bottle of Shiraz and "The Last Kiss" I have been wanting to see this for awhile now because I like Zach Braff. Scrubs could almost be one of the funniest shows! I can't wait for 8:30!!
We also received this and this. I have heard good things about both of them. So again a movie weekend for us. But most importantly a grown-ups only trip to Pitt for that Ikea shopping spree!!! Can't wait!!

This morning before school

One last thing, I would like all the positive thoughts and prayers for Janey tomorrow. We have to take her to Children's Hospital for a test to make sure that her bladder and kidneys are all functioning normal. It involves a catheter, dye, an x-ray and NO sedatives!! I hope she cooperates with the Radiologists and it can be over in a snap!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend Rundown

We had a nice somewhat relaxing weekend. Chloe is having to go to Saturday school for three Saturdays in a row to make up the calamity days our district used for the cold and snow and ice we had. Saturday school days suck. I feel bad sending her 6 days a week! I don't think she is going next Saturday because Tom and I are headed for Pittsburgh to shop at the Ikea there for the new house. I am SO excited!!!! I wish they would build one closer, but it will only be a 2 1/2 hour drive (one way). Not too bad. especially with no kids in tow.

On Thursday night we had an awards assembly for Chloe's basketball program. It is a program called Upward and it is a Christian based basketball and cheer leading program for kids kindergarten thru 8th grade. It was such an awesome program for her to be a part of and I love how they make all the kids feel as though they have contributed to the success of the team. Well, at the celebration on Thursday they had an Illusionist performing his act. He was a pretty good magician! But he chose Chloe out of tons of kids to be his assistant for part of his act. She is so shy, but she got up there in front of a whole slew of people and did great. Unfortunately, I am a piss-poor mother and I forgot to bring the camera!

Speaking of illusionists, we had a movie weekend and one of the films we watched was The Illusionist with Edward Norton. It was a pretty good movie. I wasn't expecting much from it and I got a pleasant surprise.

The other flick we rented was Babel. Again, a great movie. No disappointments this weekend!! Check them both out.