Friday, March 14, 2008

A rundown of sorts

Yes, I am back. Boy have I missed blogging!! I am so surprised that the world has not stopped since I haven't been putting my boring day to day activities out for people to read!! Amazing. Nonetheless, we are good. We ALL have spring fever, but are good. This is going to be a short and to the point entry sans pictures. I have some, just too crunched for time today to included them. This is what we've been up to;
  • Working. My job is going really well so far. The hours are GREAT (11-3) and Nolan seems to be enjoying his change of scenery for those few hours!
  • Sickness! Blech. Chloe had a terrible ear infection last weekend that is still making it hard for her to hear. Me, strep AGAIN!!!! This makes the third time since Nov. What the hell!?! I hate strep.
  • A blizzard last weekend. It was kinda fun being snowed in for a couple of days. It was cozy and the kids liked all of the snow. BUT, I am OVER IT!!!!!! I hate winter too. Please come a little faster Spring. I heard talk of more snow this weekend though. $%*# You Old Man Winter!!!!!
  • List making of all the things we want to do on the house this Spring. Dreaming is always a good time!
  • Paying $3.50/gal. for gas. I guess we won't be taking some of those weekend getaways we had talked about for this summer. Stick it where the sun doesn't shine oil companies!!

Well it seems as though I am in bitchy mode today and this has all turned into a complaint session! So sorry. I promise days of witty, interesting and funny blogs w/ pictures soon.