Friday, June 29, 2007

Nuestra Casa

here is our home in pictures...... we still have a lot of painting to do....things to hang on the walls....but this is no mind to the loft, it is just a mish-mash of things right now. nolan's big boy bed is in there waiting for me to put it together and have him in a big bed. i am just not ready, and if he isn't climbing out(knock on wood) he will stay in the crib a little while longer. As far as the loft goes, we don't know what we want to do in there. what kind of furniture? what kind of look? so it will be the last room to get done.
Chloe's Room
Chloe's room(it will be either a turquoise or lime green color)
The lovely, unfinished loft
the kitchen (can't decide what color to go with in here)

Tom and I's bedroom(painting it a light olivey color)
Nolan's room. His bedding is blue's and red's and we are painting it a khaki color.
Janey's room, will be purple of course!!

Dining room. we are painting it a green that looks like the vase that is on the table.

The eating area just off of the kitchen
The den. Looking at painting it a mustardy gold.
the entry way and staircase.

Have a great weekend. hope you all have bbq's, drinks, family time, fireworks, sparklers and parades this weekend and week!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Summertime and the living's easy......

i know this sounds cliche, but i love summer. i love fall too, but right now i am really enjoying summer. yes, i wish we were still at the beach, but it feels good to be back at home. not only do i love the warmth and sunshine that summer brings, but i love the smells of summer and thunderstorms and summer food. good corn on the cob season is right around the corner for us(i can't wait and neither can the kids) but for now we are enjoying the fresh tomatoes, zucchini, squash, peppers, melons and herbs.
tonight's dinner is one i am already anticipating; fresh tomatoes, zucchini, red onion, green and yellow peppers, and basil(I need to make a perfume from eau de basil, i love the smell THAT much!) marinated with chopped garlic and an olive oil vinaigrette. Accompanied by grilled provolone, tomato and basil sandwiches on Italian bread.
And lastly, fresh watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberries for dessert. and because i feel like it and it is Wednesday a glass or two of Pinot Grigio. YUM!
the kids and i have a mellow rest of the week planned. Friday I am taking them downtown to the library(the girls are in a summer reading program and want to go and get new books and to redeem their prizes for reading more than 6 hours this summer. Yay them!!!!) and after the library we are stopping by the Farmer's Market to see what kinds of delicious goods they have.
We have an exciting weekend planned. Chloe is having a couple of friends over Saturday night to celebrate her birthday now that we are home. i don't know if we will be doing the whole family with me cooking thing, or just the girls over with pizza. we'll see how energetic i am feeling, because they are spending the night as well. Yipee, this should be fun.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The weather Is here, I wish you were beautiful......

A blog in photo form....having too much fun to write........enjoy the pictures.......I am never coming home........

Monday, June 18, 2007

Things I Love Beach Addition

Coming to you from Corolla Outer Banks, North Carolina! We made it! After a long exhausting road trip here(and I usually LOVE road trips) we are here in one piece. It was a trip that was supposed to take us 11 or 12 hours, but it ended up taking us 15 1/2 hours. We were held up in a few nasty traffic jams along the way which sucked. But we are here now. Now on to the things I am loving right now:*The smell of the salty air
* Freckles
*drinking beers by the pool before noon *Real Carolina BBQ
*As bad as it is, a suntan!!

*seeing my girls love the ocean and Chloe riding the waves on a boogie board

*Spending the whole day in our bathing suits
*Seeing my baby girl turn 7. Isn't she beautiful
I am posting more pictures later and a little update on Chloe's Birthday. I hope everyone is having a great week. I know we are. Vacations are the best!

Friday, June 15, 2007

My Secret Obsession

Only it isn't too secret now right. I love, love, LOVE this show!! I hate American Idol and just about every other reality show (besides America's Next Top Model). But I am addicted to this show. I TiVo it every Wednesday and Thursday and I have even been known to go back and watch the performances again. I know, I am officially a dork!! For those of you who don't know, I grew up dancing. I did everything, ballet, tap, lyrical, jazz and I was even on my High Schools drill team for 4 years and the captain of the squad my senior year. I love dancing. I would really like to take lessons with Tom. You know, the tango, the fandango, jive, salsa even the waltz. Maybe when the kids get a little older we will give it a shot.
Last season I was diggin' Benji and of course he was last years winner.(I say that like you all who read this blog watch this show and are total nerds like I am!) I am trying to figure out who I am picking for this seasons winner. There are so many great dancers on the show this season, that I don't think I will have a favorite. I do like him, him, her, her(but I feel like she thinks she is privileged because she is Benji's sister) him and her. I just rose above myself typing on this laptop and realized how incredibly nerdy this is. I am 31 and blogging to a sea of strangers about my love for a reality show. I will be changing my identity soon! Seriously, if you want to be entertained check out the show. You will love it and it will make me feel better about myself!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Little this little that

Janey had her 1st ballet recital on Friday night. She did such a great job. I was so proud of her. The funny thing is that she was taught by my dance instructor and learned the same dance that I did for my first ballet class. I love it. She wasn't at all nervous about being on the stage in front of all of the people and she did her dance just as she was taught.
Here are some pictures of her during the recital, sorry they are so fuzzy, I am a bad photographer! She is still constantly doing her dance and it doesn't matter where we are. The store, the sidewalk while we are trying to take a walk, this morning while eating breakfast. Maybe she'll be my little ballerina.

So sorry that I have yet to include pictures of the house, but I want all the rooms to look nice, and even though I have pretty much cleared out all of the boxes, now I have stuff strewn out everywhere for our vacation. I promise when we return, I WILL post pictures of our house. I am so damn excited to leave for the beach. We are headed here for a week. We will be staying in Corolla which is North of Duck on the map. We are going with my family. My mom and dad, my sister and her family and my brother and his family. We are staying in a three level house with a pool and hot tub. We are on the ocean side and can easily walk to the beach everyday. It makes for a nice vacation because the kids can all play together and spend some time together. I know I mentioned before that Chloe will be having her 7th birthday while we are gone. Poor girl has to have her birthday at the beach! We are having a BBQ and cake and ice cream. Then a walk along the beach. Tom and I have got her present all ready for her. She asked for an i-pod, a diary and a new book and bookmark. I guess the days of baby dolls and the like are over for her. She seems so grown up to me. Tom and I got her a pink i-pod shuffle and a lockable diary. Janey and Nolan got her the book and bookmark. I think she will be one happy 7 year old!
This is a picture of my reading material while we are gone. I haven't begun any of them, but I am hoping to have them all finished by the time get home. We'll see. I might just completely veg while we are there and not do a damn thing but swim and lay in the sun. With SPF of course! I will hopefully post some while we are on vacation. We are taking the lap top so the kids can watch movies on the way there, and the house as a wireless connection, so I will still post. probably not every day, but I will be back!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Okay, I'm back... sort of

I am back but sans pictures. I am waiting for all the boxes to be outta the house and all the rooms so I can take pictures and post them. Which, as it is looking now, might be around Christmas time! If I never see another box again I will be one happy woman. Even though moving absolutely sucks, the house is wonderful. I did a lot of decorating in my head and so far they have all come into play the way I wanted them to. Unfortunately, some of the rooms that we want painted aren't yet and won't be for awhile. They suggest not painting for a year in case there are nails pops from the drywall, but we can't wait that long. We will be starting the painting process in a few weeks. Getting a family of 5 settled has been a long and tiring process but it is coming a long and I think I am down to 10 or so boxes left to unpack. That is nothing compared to the 3,478 that I started with.
Summer break started last week, and I am already wondering when the 1st day of school is. The girls just fight ALL OF THE TIME! We had one good day on Monday and they played well together all day, but made up for it yesterday when they decided it was a fight and whine and cry and bitch day. Oh, and I did have to break up some physical fights. Someday they will appreciate each other. The kids have settled in nicely to their new homes and bedrooms and the girls even made friends with some kids behind us. We are fortunate to live in a neighborhood filled with kids. Our last neighborhood had a girl(Chloe's best friend) and her brother who lived next to us and that was it. So this is a welcome change for the kids.
I promise to get on here and get back to blogging about us and our lives. And I will post pictures this week. I will be absent from the blogging world again in about a week and a half. We are leaving for vacation a week from this weekend. And believe you me, we NEED this vacation. Nothing but a house with a private pool and the beach! I am taking not much more than some clothes, my bathing suit, flip-flops, BOOKS and sunscreen. And I don't plan on doing much of anything but sunbathing, swimming and reading and spending some serious down time with my family. We are getting our family picture taken on the beach which I hope turns out well. We haven't had a professional picture of all of us since, well Janey wasn't even born yet. It is time. We are also celebrating Chloe's 7th birthday at the beach. She wants a Luau Party. I am excited for her. What could be better than celebrating your b-day at the beach? We did promise some sort of friend party when we return from vacation. She is torn between inviting some friends to the movies or a sleepover. Both seem like fairly easy ideas to me.
I am glad to be back. I have missed this little bit of creativeness in my life. I also want to get back into the self portrait challenges. One thing at a time.