Monday, July 30, 2007


Ah, yes the Appletini. Oh, how I adore you. So crisp and refreshing and tasty! Yum! Unfortunately, I am limited to only one of these little guys at a time. TWO at the very most. You see, me and vodka.....we have a love/hate relationship. We don't mesh well together. And it goes way back. The first time I EVER tried drinking(besides the occasional sip of beer from my Dad). I was trying vodka, and it was the most retched tasting stuff I had ever tasted. To me it tasted how I imagined rubbing alcohol would taste. I didn't even drink it, just tasted it and I still got busted for drinking it. I should have stopped there. Fast-forward a few years to freshman year at Ohio State. Lemon drops. Wow, delicious. But I lost count of how many I ingested. And I drunk dialed, an ex-boyfriend, told him I loved him because in truth I thought I was going to die that night from too much stinkin' vodka. Then I spent all night in a dorm bathroom with my head in the john. Good thing I had great girlfriends to take care of me then! ~Hi Guys!~ The good thing is that I did end up marrying the drunk dialee and everything is peachy now!

Fast forward again like 4 more years. I am now newly married to the one previously mentioned a.k.a Tom, living in Idaho and we are at our friends house drinking and playing cards. I am drinking vodka and cranberry juice.(It was my way of cutting calories-no beer, just vodka and juice. Yea, I was thinking right!) Anyway, too much vodka, too much juice, an argument ensues, turning into a real yell at and hurt each other fight and I wind up calling the airlines at 2 or 3am requesting flights back home to Ohio. I was leaving him. Dear Lord, what was I thinking. This was by far the worst fight we have ever had in almost 10 years of marriage and it was within the first year or so of getting married, and quite frankly, the vodka was to blame.

Finally, a little over a year ago. the Appletini. Man, oh man they are good! Tom and I were having our own little party and shakin' our mixer and having a grand ol' time. Again, I have no idea how many of those pretty green drinks I tossed back, but we were in the kitchen, laughing hysterically and I slipped and fell flat on my my face. I kid you not, on my face. It was quite funny. But the terrible thing was, that we had to get up in a few hours and go to church. That's right I said church, I had to confess that I drank too many appletinis. But we also had to meet with friends for lunch who had recently moved afterwards. I had the worst hang-over ever. I even had to get up in the middle of service and go to the bathroom. That is just awful. But I will tell you, nothing has ever tasted so good as that burger and Coke from Ruby Tuesdays.(Hi Angela)And it darn near cured my hangover.

So there you have it folks, my love/hate relationship with vodka. I love it, it hates me. Thus, being the reason I only allow my self one of these delicious babies at a time.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Simply Summer

The zoo in perfect, breezy mid 70 degree weather, corn on the cob, painted faces, big HUGE beautiful flowers, fluffy white clouds and just summer. Sweet,sunny,perfect summer.

Oh, I'm a redhead now too. Tom has always had a thing for redheads so I thought i'd give it a try!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Crayons, Rulers and Pencils....Oh My!!!

I love, LOVE school supplies! I am not sure what it is about them, but I adore them. I love the newness of a just sharpened pencil, all the untouched rainbow of colors in the crayon box, the freshness of a new notebook. I even love the smell of school supplies. I am like a kid in a candy store when I walk down the Back-To-School aisle at the store. I want it all!! I have a hard time sticking to the list of supplies needed for each grade. Even as a kid, I loved the time of summer right before school started when I was able to get all of my back to school supplies and clothes, but I still had a few weeks of summer left to enjoy. Weird I know. What kid actually looks forward to the start of a new school year?! I did, and I still do. I will miss my girls as we return to a schedule in our daily lives with school and other activities, but I am excited for what a new school year will bring for them. Chloe will be in second grade and Janey will start kindergarten. All day kindergarten. I am a bit concerned to how she will do being in school all day, but she is anxious and ready to begin.
I encourage you all to go and roam the school supplies aisles at your local stores. Buy some new crayons or a box of pencils and reminisce about the days when we all had our back packs full and our new Muppets or Pac-Man(whatever your liking was) lunch boxes and the world was our oyster!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I love flowers and gardens and my goal is to have a small vegetable garden next year. I love gardening and weeding and digging and getting dirt under my fingernails. My problem~ I have a black thumb. I try, I really do and I am learning. Next year I WILL have beautiful flower and vegetable gardens.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Advice Please

This post is a request for info from anyone who can pipe in with some help for me. First of all I am in search of some t-shirts for the kids. Not kiddy-esque shirts. But shirts that are hip and trendy. i.e rock shirts, pop culture, political. So if anyone has websites or stores they can refer me to I would greatly appreciate it. I need toddler sizes and kid sizes.

Okay secondly, Tom and I are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this fall and we want to get away. But cheaply, considering the house and the vacation we just took. I have been on the Skybus website and we would love to go to Boston, but really know nothing of the area. Also any other long weekend trip ideas would be great for us to hear about. So come one, come all with the ideas.

We need to escape from this(see above Picture) for a little while, and just be us. Plus, I think we have deserved it. Unfortunately, by today's standards 10 years of being married is quite an accomplishment!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Music, the universal language

Recently, Tom and I have been into watching this show on the Sundance channel. It has been such an interesting and great show to watch. Sometimes I feel since becoming a mom and devoting my life to three incredible people, I have "lost" a little bit of myself. I feel really out of the loop with music anymore. I still constantly listen to music and expose our kids to it all the time, but it seems different. I am thoroughly enjoying listening to the artists on this show. I have been loving him for awhile now and of course even though he is popular with mainstream, i really love listening to him as well. But this show is exposing me to artists I have not had the chance to listen to yet and I feel like I am finding myself again and my love for music. I have missed that part of me.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Technology I tell Ya.....

The sleep over on Saturday night went well. It wore me out, but it went well. They had pizza and cake and ice cream, played Hullabaloo(which is a 21st century Twister), did sparklers, caught lightning bugs, and watch this AND this! They had a fun-filled night! I did notice that even at 7 years of age, girls are clicky and catty. I told Chloe never again would we have two friends over at a time for a sleepover. Two girls always pair up and leave the other one out in the wind. Boys are different. Their thinking is 'the more the merrier'. But not girls. Why on earth do girls have to be that way. I hoped my girls would be different, for I am not raising them to be that way. I wasn't that way. I had two best friends as a girl/preteen that we always got along when we were together. We always had fun together and I have some great memories of Alex and Jennifer and me. Plus, in college I got along well with the girls I lived with.(Hi Amanda and Mollie!) We weren't catty and bitchy! Hopefully, I can instill a little bit more into Chloe so she doesn't end up like 'one of those girls'.
On to the whole technology thing......we have a new obsession in our house, it is the Webkinz. Chloe got one for her birthday and it has become all that she wants to do. Go online and shop for it, play with it, take it to the doctors, feed it. It is crazy! But the thing is, it is just a stuffed Panda. A stuffed animal that you bring to 'life' and play interactively with online. I am sure I am like way behind the times like everything else these days, but supposedly these things are really popular among the elementary folks and are the new 'hot item'. Damn, I wish I would have come up with the idea.....
Have a great 4th!
Peace~Love and Happiness