Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Checking In

Yes, I am still alive. Barely, but anyway..... I started my job on Monday and it is going well. Lots of reading, training and paperwork blah, blah, blah. I am so tired by the evening, that I have been in bed at 9:30 and quickly off to snoozeland. I am adjusting, we ALL are adjusting. I miss my kids. I am doing full-time while training, so I am anxious to begin "working" in my position with my normal hours. I will be back with more interesting stuff when I get a moment to think!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have been feeling quiet lately. Honestly, I feel like I don't have a whole lot to blog about that would be worth reading. I have a major case of the winter blahs. I am finding that every winter that comes, I hate it a little more. Tom has been teasing me that in a few years he will be able to go anywhere for a job within the government. It is sounding more and more appealing. I know our families and roots are here, but I am so sick of cold and snow and sleet. Winter can kiss my (thanks to lack of sunshine) white ass!!
Like I said before I did get the job that I was hoping to get. I start on Monday. I will be working at a local Huntington Bank as a Customer Service Representative, a glorified 'teller'. I have a good bit of experience in banking and I have to say that I am excited to start. The hours are 11am-3pm during the week and 8:15-12:15 on Saturday mornings. I may have Mondays off. Still don't know for sure. Tom's mom and my mom have agreed to watch Nolan while I am working and he will start preschool in the fall going from noon until 3:15pm. It is perfect for our schedule. My mom or Tom's mom will take him to school and I will pick him up. We are looking into the YMCA summer day camp for the girls this summer. I know they would love it; it's just getting them enrolled and paying for it! Not cheap!!!
So, in a nutshell that is pretty much it for me and us here. I told you that things have been uneventful around here. Hopefully soon I will feel more inspired and creative. But for now all my energy is trying to beat off the winter hum-drums! Please Spring, come soon!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hearts, Flowers, Candy and L.O.V.E

Happy Valentine's Day!!
Hope you all get some lovin'!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I had to go over to Columbus today for a drug test.(yes, I got the job-more to come later.) Usually when I am in the car I am listening to the i-pod, but today I left the house and forgot to grab it so I was left with the radio. One of the local stations has a lunch hour flashback and I was JAMMING and loving it!! I jammed to 'Rock With Ya', 'Pump Up the Volume'(totally drived-danced with that one) and MANY more!! I love all that cheesy pop stuff from the 80's and 90's. Reminds me of good times! And I remembered ALL the words to 'The Humpty Dance'. Do you? Yes, I am a dork. But it was a great way to pass the drive on a cold, nasty winter day. At least the sun was shinning!!

Put the needle on the record. I'm outtie 5, G!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Please quit stopping by....

I am sick again. Everyone else has seem to have a stomach bug that has lasted 24 hours. Could I get that? No. The strep buggies had to come a knockin' again. I just had strep right before Christmas. All in all I have had strep three times in the past year. It sucks. Strep throat completely knocks me on my butt for a few days. I can't function and I am worthless to the world. Thankfully, I have three doses of Zithromax in my body and I am finally feeling a little better.

On the job front, I had a phone interview on Monday and Friday I interview in person with the hiring managers. I hope something comes from it!!

I am still not feeling stellar, so I leave you with some overdue pictures from Nolan's birthday party.

Friday, February 01, 2008

A few of MY favorite things.....

Taking inspiration from Amanda I have decided to post what I am loving right now.

Before our dinner out last weekend for my birthday Tom and I stopped into one of the stores in Columbus. I LOVE bookstores, I especially love to spend time in them when I : A) Don't have my kids with me and B) they are all much cheaper than the price at Barnes and Noble. Who cares if they have been read. They have jsut been loved and enjoyed by others. I have been reading a lot more than usual especially because of the strike and how crappy tv is! I picked up 'Middlesex', 'Emma and Me' and for a whopping buck, I bought 'Sex in the City'. Yes, I have seen every episode umpteen times, but I thought for a buck it would be enjoyable reading!
  • Nolan going pee-pee in the potty consistantly!

Yes, consistantly is the key word here. He still won't poo in the potty. But we can go virtually all day with no pull-ups and he goes into the bathroom when needed without me asking every 10 minutes! I see a diaper and pull-up free life in my very near future!

  • The idea of warmer spring weather on the horizon.

Yeah, I know it is only the first day of February( one of the shittiest months ever, only to be out done by March!) and being that we live in Central Ohio and will probably see cold and snow and sleat until late April sometime. But the thought of Spring is what gets me through the next couple months of winter. It helps me, so shut up about the fact that it is only February!

  • The prospect of a job soon!

I don't want to jinx anything, so I am not saying much. But it is something that I like, I am good at it and the hours can't be beat! 11am-3pm Monday through Friday. Occasionally a Saturday morning. I can deal with that!! Keep all fingers crossed for me!

  • The great news we received last night at our parent-teacher conference!

Janey is doing great and is learning to read and seems to be a little leader in her class. But Chloe amazes me!! She is now reading at the begininng of a fourth grade level. If you don't know she is in second grade. I am so proud of her!

I am sure this stuff is so fatty boom batty, but it is delicious!! I have made it for the National Championship Game, New Year's and now I am making it for the Super Bowl. Try it, it is so good!!

Are you lovin' something today?!?