Thursday, December 14, 2006

the rainbow connection

Because Mollie over at Fish Food struck a cord with her Sesame Street video, I wanted to post one of my favorites from being a kid. How can you not love Kermmie, and how can this song not put aanyone in a good mood. I needed this! Enjoy


I think I had my first anxiety attack today. I am feeling the pressure and stress of moving and Christmas and three kids and a husbund in school and the idea of all of us living with my folks and the list goes on! I keep telling myself that these problems are so trivial compared to others out there, and I am really appreciative of everything, really! But I have to admit, I have freaked out once or twice(if you asked Tom, he would say I have freaked quite a bit more). We had a moving company come over today to give us an estimate for packing and moving our things. Let's just say, we will be doing it all ourselves! Their estimate was for $3200, plus $200/month storage fees. WTF! It is literally a 5 minute drive to their warehouse from this house and another 5 minute drive from the warehouse to our new house!!! I would rather take that money and buy some new furniture for the house. Plus, we need to buy all new appliances and a new washer/dryer. I think i need to start a moving business!!! Hopefully, with a big storage unit and a couple of friends and family's basements we will be able to store all of our stuff at a minimal cost.
Not only do I have packing to do, but also I have yet to wrap one present! And because of the two girls, we have to bake cookies. Why can't there be more than 24 hours in a day!
Tonight, Janey has ballet and Chloe has her first basketball practice and then we are off to the Roll-A-Way for a skating party for Chloe's school. I will post some pics of that tomorrow! I do not roller skate. I tried last year and realized I am too old and it seems like such a far fall to the floor anymore! Tom and the girls skate and love it. Nolan and I like to hang out and watch. Tom said we are kinda like the scummy kids that used to go the the roller rink to just play video games and make out in the tv room and never skate!!! (I'm sure you ALL remember those days!)
Sorry for no pics today, again, I have been a BIT busy and preoccupied! I will post some tomorrow. If I don't post for awhile, it is either because I have been sent to the nut house, or I am actually DOING the things on my mile long to-do list and not just bitching about them!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge #2 Warm Red Comfort

hot coffee. hot tea. hot cocoa. i'm not real picky. anything warm and comforting from my favorite red mug.
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Saturday, December 09, 2006


The Christmas tree that the kids decorated

We've sold our house!!!!! Well, not technically. We sign the final contract today. They accepted our final offer which is not too far off from our asking price, so we are thrilled! We will be out of our house by the end of January and moving into my folks house for a few months while we wait for our house to be finished which will be finished the end of May. We are so excited to get into our new house! It is 4 bedrooms with a loft and with the deluxe master bath. There is going to be so much more room in the new house and it will be NEW and not nearing 80 years old!! I do love the woodwork and the fireplace in ths house. It has such character.

I will be sending everyone our new address and email address soon. Actually, I will send our temporary info and our new address that will be the new house. Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!!!!

Biggie Smalls aka Nolan

Friday, December 08, 2006

It's Friday, no news!

I don't have a whole lot to post about today. The people that have given us an offer were to have an answer to our counter offer today by noon. Well, they want to see it again tonight at 5:30! I am sick of cleaning my house! I know that sounds totally lazy, but it is hard keeping the house spotless with the kids. We are hoping(fingers crossed) that they will agree to our terms tonight.
We aren't doing much this weekend. Tonight we are watching 'Old School' again for kicks. Such a funny movie and I am needing a good laugh. Tom has to go into work a little bit this weekend, so it will be a quiet weekend at home with the kids. Have a great weekend everyone.

p.s. i like to read the comments from people reading my blog, thanks!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We got an offer!!!........

It was a sh#tty one, but one none the less! Their offer was $13,500 less than what our asking price!! Plus, they want us to pay $2,000 of their closing costs, AND they want my washer and dryer! What the hell! Do you want my first born as well?!?! We countered, they countered, and we have made one FINAL counter offer and will hear back tomorrow. This seems like a bunch of bullshit. I don't think I like the real estate game. Hopefully, they will like our counter offer and accept and if they do and all goes well, we will be out of this house at the end of January! Gosh, that seems so soon. How, oh how will I pack up all the crap that comes with three kids and 9 years of marriage!! I think I will take one day at a time with that.

Tom is in class tonight, so I am going to work on Christmas cards and enjoy some quiet time. Tonight is the finale of America's next top model. I know I am a total dork, but I find it entertaining and amusing. Good thing it is on when Tom is in class or else I wouldn't be able to watch week after week!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

self portrait challenge: RED, some of my favorite things.......

RED, my favorite color. Red makes me feel sexy, passionate, loving and like a woman. All shades of red; burgandy, scarlet, cherry red, apple red, brick, blush, cardinal, cerise, claret, crimson, garnet, ruby, fuchsia, maroon, wine, rust, rose, magenta, berry.

Berry the color of a favorite lipstick. I usually wear a toned down color with a bit of gloss, but I LOVE this bright lipstick. I only wear it when I am feeling confident and daring and a little risky. I am not feeling risky or daring today, maybe tomorrow.....

Monday, December 04, 2006

What a GREAT Monday!!

We had a great Open House yesterday. There were 4 couples and three individuals who came through, and we are having a second showing tonight! Keep all fingers crossed! I would love to close after the first of the year.
This weekend was spent cleaning most of the time. Friday we did take the kids to the mall and I have to share that my son is a STUD! I know I have said in an earlier post that when Nolan sees the Christmas lights or a Christmas tree, he says "Ooohh, Aaaahhhh!" Well, my sexist of a little man spots two scantily clad mannequins in the Victoria's Secret window, and loudly says, "Oooohhh, Aaahhhh!!!" To which my equally sexist husband says, "That's my boy!" Got to love 'em!! Anyway, we all got a good laugh.
We had to be gone during our Open House yesterday, so we were going to take the girls to see 'Flushed Away'. Much to the girls' chagrin, it was no longer playing at our theater. So we took them bowling. I LOVE bowling. I suck, but it so much fun and the girls had a ball. Tom beat us all in both games. We do love this house so much, we have just outgrown it. I will be sad when it is time to move; so much has happened in this house of ours. It holds so many memories. But our new house will as well. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday, feelin' like Monday

What a yucky day! When I took the girls to school this morning it was 65 degrees and pouring down rain. Then it was completely gray and dreary for the whole day, and I did nothing. Absolutely nothing! But the thing is, my house is a wreck and we are having an Open House on Sunday. What was I thinking?!?! I kept telling myself, "Why clean now, when the kids will have it all destroyed by tonight and I will have to do again tomorrow anyway!" I am great with procrastinating and reasoning my procrastination. Also, I do great under pressure. With the help of Tom, we will have this house SPOTLESS by Sunday morning. With the crappy weather and rather yuck of a day, I had no picture opportunity so again I am posting some oldies but goodies.
Chloe and Janey as Sleeping Beauty and Snow White respectively
Tonight we are making homemade pizzas and then taking the kiddos to the mall for Santa and shopping. Tom will take them to shop for me, and then we will trade and the kids and I will look for something for him. It should be quite an adventure since all outings tend to be! As I said before, we will be cleaning all day tomorrow but then we are taking the girls to a movie on Sunday during our Open House. Wish us luck that someone walks into our house on Sunday and leaves an offer on the table!! We have our fingers crossed!!!
Nolan enjoyng cake on his first b-day! He will be turning 2 in a momth and a half!

Here's hoping everyone has a most enjoyable, fantabulous but relaxing weekend!